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Dont let all the rain this spring fool you.The drought of last summer has done its damage and all the rain or watering this year will not bring the dead grass back.The bald or dead patches will not fill in on its own.You will have to seed and also I recommend aerating.If you just have small spots just scuffing up the top soil and adding seed should be just fine.If you have large areas or a complete lawn to seed you will need to buy or rent equipment or  have a professional lawn care like Jenic Lawn Care( ) do it for you.Make sure if you do it your self or have someone do it for you that the right grass seed is used and you aerate at the same time.

Lawn Aeration Waukesha

Lawn Aeration Waukesha

After the drought last year lawn aeration in Waukesha and Walworth counties can make all the difference in the world.You may think because of all the snow we had this winter your lawn is safe,not so.Aeration is important even in our best conditions here in S.E. Wisconsin,but after a summer like last year even more so.Stress damage is already done.You will see brown and bare spots across your lawn and without attention they will stay  .We can help with Lawn Aeration or seeding or both,don’t live with a lawn with drought damage give us a call we can help (262)893-0953

Lawn damage

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