Common weeds in our area

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CrabgrassCrabgrass is very noticeable in lawns. It is a rapid growing, coarse textured yellowish-green grass that is conspicuous when found growing among fine textured, dark green cool-season turfgrasses.


  • Clover
  • Often indicates poor soil, need for fertilizer • 
    appears in cool weather

    Related: White Clover, Red Clover
  • Dandelion
    Dandelion Persistent • appears in early spring and continues through summer and fall, or year-round in warm climates • will adapt height to escape mowing 


  • Oxalis
    OxalisPersistent • grows best in cool season

    Related: Sourgrass, Wood Shamrock


  • Plaintain
    Plantains Found in moist soil, shade • spreads by seeding • appears in spring and continues through summer • broadleaf plantain common in wet, compacted soil 


  • Chickweed
    Chickweed Very common in new lawns • sprouts and grows in cool weather 
  • Knotweed
    KnotweedCommon in grass where soil is compacted

    Related: Knotgrass, Doorweed, Matgrass, Yardweed
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