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Help! I’m a New Homeowner – How Do I Take Care of My Lawn?

This was a real question emailed to me,lets see what i can do. IM not even sure if you live here in Waukesha or Walworth counties,this was the only info i have ill do my best.

New homeowners face certain challenges when it comes to taking care of a lawn for the first time. Some may find it a refreshing activity and enjoy building and maintaining their own lawn; others may view it as an overwhelming task and may be clueless as to where to begin.
Here are some things to remember if you’re a first-time homeowner or novice lawn care expert:

  • Lawn care changes with each season. Unless you live somewhere that experiences the same climate year-round, the changing patterns of temperature, sun, and precipitation mean that lawn care needs to be adjusted as well. This may involve switching out fertilizers, scaling back on watering schedules, or even changing out the type of grass on your lawn.
  • Good lawn care starts with the soil. Perform a soil test on your own with a kit from gardening store or submit a soil sample to a local extension office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They can help you determine which type of soil you have and the steps to take in improving the quality that is ideal for your grass type.
  • Select the right grass type. Good soil is crucial, but it’s also important to choose an appropriate grass type with it. Along with appearance and ease of maintenance, the chosen grass type should grow well in the soil and meet the other needs of your landscaping, such as potential foot traffic and coordinating with other plants and trees within the area.
  • Mowing and watering need strategy. There’s a schedule to how lawns grow, which means watering and mowing need to be planned accordingly, not done simply on a whim. Grass growing in its peak season will likely need to be mowed around three to four times per week. During the off-season, grass should be mowed no more than once a week. Watering should follow a similar pattern, but remain conscious of overwatering, as it can attract diseases and pests.
  • Not just about watering and mowing. In addition to tweaking your sprinkler system and utilizing a lawn mower, fertilizing and aerating are also important lawn care techniques that should be followed. Fertilizer helps the grass grow to its fullest potential and patch up dead spots; aeration breaks up the soil to make sure that water, oxygen, and other nutrients are reaching the roots.

Maintaining your lawn is not always easy or entirely predictable. Even lawn care experts have to adjust their plans at the last minute when the weather shifts half a season early or not enough resources are available. If you still need the advice of a lawn care professional, contact a company in your area to get started on taking care of your first lawn with ease.

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