Lawn Aerating Waukesha and Walworth counties

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Lawn Aeration Waukesha

Lawn Aeration Waukesha

Aerating a lawn is done mechanically removing small plugs of soil from the lawn to allow water,air and nutrients to reach the root system.Most lawns are compacted which restrict the amount of anything reaching the roots.This means you have to water much more and even then isnt as good as when its aerated.After last summer most lawn have damage and will this year also.The lawn we aerated last year have much less damage if any.There is a reason every golf course you see aerates 2 to 4 times a year.I’ts probably the 1 single thing to do to have a healthy lawn .Without it all the ,fertilizer and weed killer will not make up not aerating.

At Jenic Lawn Care we use professional aerators like the golf courses.Some of our competitors use rental equipment or other inferior aerators that do not do a professional job.Our lawn techs also are trained and knowledgeable .For lawn aeration in Waukesha or Walworth counties ,or any of our other lawn care services call 262-893-0953


Here are the top 10 reasons to have your lawn aerated

1.Core aeration allows water and oxygen to get to the roots of your lawn,reducing its dependency on you watering.

2.Aeration allows your root system to spread and grow deeper.

3.Aerating encourges thicker turf.

4.Aerating helps prevent disease.

5.Aerating increases the activity of  healthy microorganisms that your lawn needs

6.Core Aeration stimulates more growth

7.Aerating adds a layer of top dressing(organic matter) to your lawn

8.Aerating makes your lawn more resistant to foot traffic

9.Aerating reduces the amount of thatch

10.Aerating reduces compaction and can help leveling a lawn


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