Mulching and Gardening Maintenance

It’s hard to believe something as simple as mulching can solve so many gardening problems and offer so many advantages. People have been mulching for many many years, but we are just now beginning to understand fully and appreciate all it does for our plants. In fact, there are almost as many reasons to mulch as there are mulches.

What exactly is mulch? Mulch is simply any material used to cover the soil or plants.

Why mulch? Many mulches are aesthetically pleasing and can help showcase your plants. A good layer of mulch will help to conserve moisture and help keep weeds out.  You can minimize the spread of  many diseases by mulching, and it keep the temperature even.

When should I apply the mulch? Most mulching can be done anytime during the growing season, generally the earlier the better.

Do I need to weed before I mulch? It really is best to clean the area of all weeds before mulching.We always weed and clear area first.

How deeply should I apply mulch? Again, this varies according to what type of mulch you are using and why you are mulching. Most organic mulches are applied 2-4 inches thick.

We also will plant flowers and maintain your garden for you.

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