Jenic Lawn Care provides services for commercial and residential clients, please consider us when in need of any of the following services.

Lawn Care

We welcome the opportunity to provide full maintenance service. However, if all you need is a company to mow the yard, we are happy to help.

Standard service includes mowing the entire yard, line trimming (weedeating) around all trees, posts, fencing, etc., edging all sidewalks, patios and driveways with a blade edger and clean up of all clippings. We mulch as it is much better for the lawn. When necessary, grass clippings are bagged and removed from the property.


Mulching also provides a beautiful contrasting curb appeal. We are happy to provide all of your mulching needs. You just can’t go wrong with proper mulching.

Shrub and Tree Trimming

Mowing the yard is only half the challenge. Bushes and trees that are not consistently maintained hurt the appearance of even the best-kept property.

Do you need property maintenance for a commercial property?  Jenic Lawn Care can establish a budget and remain within it. All costs are known. There are no hidden or indirect charges.  Property managers love us because we make their job easy!

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