Waukesha Lawn care tips/2013

Waukesha Lawn Care tips for 2013

We are Happy to serve you

We are Happy to serve you

Lawn care in Waukesha and Walworth counties this year will be a bit of a challenge  this year.Even though the drought was last summer and spring so far (today is April 15 2013)is starting out very wet,the damage is all ready done.Most of us can see it in our lawns even before it greens up,the bald spots.These are from areas of grass that have died off,they will not come back no matter how much water we get this spring or even over the whole summer.If you leave it and do nothing ,depending how big the spot is it will never fill back in.Bald spots are magnets for weed seeds,they will blow in and take over the area.Even if you have your lawn treated for weeds they will fill in between treatments not giving the grass time to spread and fill in.

The only option is seeding,if you have a sprinkler system and you were able to water enough last year you may have only minor spots to fill in,if your like the other 99% of us you may need to over seed the whole lawn.Over seeding is done with a machine that makes small trenches over your lawn and deposits seeds.

It is important to use good seed and a good seed mix.Here in our area a mix of  perennial rye, creeping red fescue and Kentucky bluegrass.You want a mix with 10% perennial rye,30% creeping red fescue and 60% Kentucky bluegrass.The rye and fescue will start to germinate in about 5 to 10 days,the bluegrass takes longer anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks.

Seeding is always better done right after aeration,aeration helps so much with soil preperation.Seeding will take so much better after aeration with out as much work needed.It is important to keep your lawn watered after seeding ,aeration helps get the water down in the soil so you dont have to water as much,the soil holds it in.Aeration is also a great benefit to the existing grass plants.Aeration is the single treatment anyone should do to there lawn every year to promote good health.Ask anyone in charge of a golf course ,it is the reason they do it 2 to 4 times a year.

Spring is a perfect time to do this to your lawn.If you wait til the temps get to hot dont waste your money ,wait til fall,it is very hard to do during the hot times.If you only do 1 thing this spring of fall i would aerate,take care of the lawn you have before you try to ad new lawn.

We do both aeration and overseeding,if you would like a quote or you are going to do it your self and have questions give me a call Pete 262-893-0953 and im serious about calling for advice i love talking lawn stuff

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