Winter is a great time for Planning Ahead

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During these cold winter months can be the best time to start planning you landscape needs for next year.Many people don’t realize until it’s too late that many landscape projects needs months in advance.

Some hardscape projects (any solid landscaping surface or structure, from paving and decking to retaining walls and fences)may need permits,and in some areas this can be a real challenge .I have heard stories of people having  a couple of months for very simple stuff.

When  planning for big jobs  you should always talk to a professional.You can almost always get free advise.There are so many things to consider that after talking to a few pro’s you will learn alot of stuff you never even thought of.Never feel bad about calling someone out for a free estimate ,i get people calling us out all the time and i look at it like this,if i help the out with some advise now,and they do it on there own,they will call me back when they need something done.More times then not they hire us anyway .

Winter is a great time to plan because your property has a real different look now.You can see things you could not see any other season.It’s a good time to plan where you want to put some pine trees now that your neighbors can see right into your bedroom ,funny you didn’t notice him the rest of the year.

Starting this time of year will give you plenty of time to plan to avoid a landscape nightmare that often happens when you wait til the first warm  day of spring and run out in your shorts and a pick full of plants.It can save you alot of money in the long run too.Careful planning will pay off in many ways.Plus you will be in a better mood just thinking about summer,where your going to put what. So get out side ,trim some trees ( great time of year to do that too ) and take a good look around, talk to some pro’s ,look on the internet and plan plan plan so when spring comes you will be ready.

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