Winter tree care for Waukesha and Walworth counties

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Believe it or not trees need care even  in the winter.Most of us don’t do these things until we have a problem,including me.These are just tips ,we do not provide these services im not trying to sell anything here just trying to share some advice that has helped me.Winter can be very stressful on trees  even ones that are accustomed to winter especially after the dry hot summer we had this year.After a heavy snow go out and try to remove the snow off the tree limbs .Too much snow will bend or break branches off.Bending can be just as bad because it will crack the branch leaving it vulnerable to bugs and diseases next summer .I know this is easier said then done but if you have smaller pine or any othe small newer trees you have planted its worth the time to protect them.Next water when you can.Even after a normal summer trees and shrubs can suffer drought from the wind ,cold and lack of water.When we have a mild day any time through winter water your trees and shrubs .Add a thick layer of mulch around tree bases in late fall and water them thoroughly then. The mulch helps the tree roots retain water, slows moisture loss and runoff and acts as a buffer between tree roots and frigid temperatures. .Next if you have young trees bundle them up.Protect tree bark from cracking by wrapping tree trunks with burlap strips. Wind them diagonally around the trunk, and secure the strips with twine.To protect young trees from animals like deer,mice ,rabbits and Squirrels .Place wire mesh or chicken wire around the base of the tree about 6″ from the tree like a fence to prevent most rodents from getting their teeth on the bark. You may want to apply a squirrel repellent to stop squirrels from climbing and damaging trees. Consult your local True Value expert for the best product for the job.Next winter is a great time to do your pruning . They are dormant in the winter. When pruning large limbs, always undercut first — cut from the bottom up, one-third of the way through the limb, then finish by cutting from the top. The undercut keeps the limb from splitting and breaking off, preventing damage to the trunk. Don’t cut flush to the trunk. It’s the collar or enlarged base of a branch that produces the hormones to help heal wounds, so it’s important to keep the collar intact.That about it if you have any question let me know.And keep us in mind for lawn care next year anywhere in Waukesha and Walworth counties .

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